Top Rate Pool Service

Four Qualities Which Every Pool Cleaner Should Possess

How to Distinguish a Top Rate Pool Service from an Amateur One

Here at Pool-Aide Inc, we often hear from our customers that the company they hired before us provided them with very low quality service. Not only that their pool has not been cleaned properly, but also the water in it has been treated with some unknown chemicals. As a responsible company, we have decided that we should explain how to find a proper swimming pools cleaning company. Here are four of the most important qualities for every pool cleaner.



There are many companies which do this only as a summer job. Hiring one of them brings the risk that the job won’t be done properly. When a pool needs cleaning, it means it should be treated with the right chemicals. If a company has been cleaning pools for a couple of months, and states that they know how to use pool cleaning chemicals, you should highly doubt it.



Swimming pool at hotelEvery professional company should also offer their pool service at the weekends. This guarantees that you can hire them at the most suitable time for you. If a company wants to show that they are committed to their customers’ needs, they should also provide their services in all the surrounding areas.


Evidence of professionalism

No matter what kind of contractor you hire, you should always ask, if they are licensed, bonded and insured. Those are guarantees of their professionalism. However, when hiring a swimming pools maintenance company, you should be interested, if they are members of IPSSA (Independent Pool and Spa Service Association). This is a true sign of their top quality services.


Last, but not least – rates

If a company wants their clients to be satisfied with their pool service, they should provide it at competitive rates. If a customer is pleased, not only with the quality of a service, but also with its price, they will probably use the same company again, when they need pool cleaning.


The facts listed above give a very accurate idea of what Pool-Aide Inc considers important. With our pool service, you can be sure that your pool will be properly cleaned. We are the professional, Austin TX based choice for your needs in the field of pool cleaning. Don’t hesitate and call us at (512) 472-5355.